Quick Tip #16 – Time to Buy

With it being March, daylight is going to last longer, temps are gonna get warmer, and you’ll be getting outside. What are you going outside with though? Is it time to replace those ratty old shoes? Is it worth it to spend $100 on a bike tune-up and another $100 on a fit? Sometimes it’s just better to move on and upgrade. As Barney says, “New is always better.” Well, newer anyway. Most stores are going through a clear out of last year’s stuff, so you might find yourself some good deals before the 2014 season officially starts. Besides, what else is better than a shiny new bike to get your butt outside. 


Quick Tip #15 – When You Shouldn’t Ride

So, how do you know when, where, why, and how to bag a ride or run outside? This is really going to be different for everybody, but for me it goes like this:

When – Make your mind up early. The more time you think about it, the more time you waste. You could’ve done an indoor workout, a run, or something else as you deliberated on getting outside.

Where – Decide while you’re still home. Too many time I see people get all ready to rock and roll, drive up to an hour to a spot, and only then find out the trail is closed or the route in mind just can’t be done.

Why – There are plenty of bad reasons to not get outside, and very few good reasons. Weather is usually the bad guy, but not necessarily the real reason. You can always dress for weather or change up the type of workout depending on rain, sleet, snow, etc. A few good reasons to stay indoors include: sick, injury, recovery day, chores, homework, or you really just aren’t feeling it.

How – Always try to lay out your clothes and whatever else you need either the night before or early in the morning. This not only saves time, but it allows you to quickly adapt to a change. During the winter I keep my bike inside on the trainer and lay my clothes on it the night before. If I decide to not go out, I am at least ready to work indoors.

So, I hope this helps, but here is another reason. If you live in the Mid-Atlantic region of the US, you’ve had a lot of snow and ice and freezing temps for the last 2 1/2 months, but this past weekend temps were in the 50’s and 60’s. Just keep in mind that there hasn’t been enough thaw for roads to be cleaned and patched up properly, so the amount and size of potholes on all roads can very easily cause an accident. E.g. I went over my handlebars this morning and my neck feels better, but my back does not.

New Bike!!!

So, as it usually goes for me, it was time for an upgrade. Truth be told, ASI was having their yearly warehouse sale and I couldn’t pass up the chance to get a barely used demo bike on the cheap. So, what did I get…


Fuji Altamira 1.3 CX


Basically, it’s a Fuji Altamira with disc brakes. And Sram Force. And heavy wheels. And it’s NOT red. Well, it is matte black with blue and yellow accents, and I can add red bits. The Sram drivetrain does worry me a bit, and to honest so do the Avid brakes, but those are things that I can upgrade down the road. First, I need to get rid of my Scott. If I don’t, my fiancé may leave me. Ha!

Well, besides the new bike, there hasn’t been much going on in the way of endurance sports because of me getting sick last week and having my neck go out on me Monday morning. This weekend, however, the Endurance Sports Expo comes to the Philadelphia Convention Center in Oaks, PA. (I know, the PA Convention center is in Philly, but the Philly one is 20 miles outside the city.) If you have nothing to do this Saturday and Sunday, I will be at the Expo with D and Q and Fuji Bikes with our rep and fellow Philadelphia Union compatriot. My coach/Sports doc will also be there and giving a few seminars. The Expo is a good size and has plenty of things there for all disciplines. Endless Pools will also have a pool on-hand and will do a video swim stroke analysis. 

So, what does one do when they are sick or physically incapacitated for a couple weeks during the base building phase of training? First, rest. Second, rest. Third, keep drinking fluids and remember to eat. Fourth, rest. DO NOT start training again until you are recovered. In a lot of ways, this untimely inconvenience can be a blessing in disguise. Most endurance athletes have done too much training by this point. It’s a side effect of being an A-Type personality. Giving your body the chance to fully recover will pay off dividends later. Especially when you’re building volume and strength training in the winter. 

Well, until next time…

Quick Tip #13 – Snow Days

If you’re like me and live in South Jersey, you know we’ve had more snow than the Winter Olympics for the second time running. Because of all this, you need to always have a back up plan for training. This is a perfect time to take up some Yoga, get an indoor trainer, a treadmill, rowing machine, or a Nordic Track. If you’re watching the Olympics on TV, cheer on your country while working out. Better yet, catch up on that TV show with Netflix or Hulu. Even when you’re stuck indoors, you can still get in a great workout.

So, where have I been?

Well, let’s make this easy for you shall we. Here’s a list of things that kept me busy from where we last left off:

– Summer Vacation

– Soccer

– North Wildwood and Medford Lakes Triathlon

– Student Teaching

– Cyclocross

– Work

– Trip out to Trek

– Winter Break/Snow

– Spring Semester (Last one before graduation)

– Wedding Planning

– Wedding Attending

– Car Shopping

– And of course….beer!

That doesn’t sound like much, but believe you me, it was a lot. Well, now that my schedule is a little more manageable, I hope to start posting twice a week like I originally intended to last year when I started this thing. Every Wednesday, I hope to have the previous week’s recap/news and reviews and every Monday shall be a Quick Tip. You may also see some other stuff from school leak out onto this page every now and again.