2013 Goals and Resolutions. Let’s get started…

So, I’ve been kicking around the idea of getting my thoughts down somewhere for a while now. I figured a blog would be best for now. So, let’s get into it. You can read the about me and other sections later, but for now, here’s what I have to say:

With the start of the new year, many people have set some type fitness goal for their resolution. This can include losing weight, getting in shape, running a marathon, doing an obstacle run, joining a gym, or something as simple as no more fast food. Most of these will never come to fruition. I won’t get into why or what can be done, but for those of you that really, REALLY want to do something, maybe what I have to say will make you stay the course and achieve your 2013 goals.

As the title states, getting started is where almost everybody makes their first mistake and everything just snowballs from their. Let’s focus on what you can do to start your year off right. What I’m going to tell you can be done and is useful for everybody. It doesn’t matter if you’re brand new to anything health related or have been involved in athletics your entire life. First, think about that resolution you made or maybe didn’t make and be honest with yourself if you really want to do it. Nobody can force you to go out and change except yourself. I feel that most people believe when making a resolution or goal that the goal alone will wake them out of bed, get them in touch with a coach, make the right decisions for them when it comes to food, etc. That doesn’t happen. You have to make all of those decisions yourself. For those “Type A” people out there, you probably have plenty of drive, but can your ego survive if you don’t achieve the goal you set? Most books, coaches, and motivational speakers state that a goal should not be too easy as it can obtained in far too short a period of time with limited effort, nor should it be too difficult that it is well beyond your capabilities and will exhaust every resource in the time being. The key is to be very specific, be just outside your reach, and something that has not only extrinsic value but intrinsic value to you as well. So, look at that goal again, and really think of something that is truly meaningful to you. Don’t just say to yourself that you wanna lose weight. Tell yourself you wanna lose 10lbs over the next 6 months while bringing your body fat% under 20%. That may not sound like much, but trust me, that can be enough for most people to put them on the right path.

Second, ask questions and don’t buy anything! Too many people set a ridiculous goal and then go out to get every gizmo, gadget, supplement, and piece of equipment under the sun thinking that the investment alone will drive them to stick to their goal. Wrong. How many of you have a half used container of protein powder, unread training guide, hologram/magnetic bracelet, perfect pull-up bar, or whatever just lying around and taking up space? Take a couple weeks to do some very simple research into what is involved with your goal. This step alone may help you re-define or change your goal to something more tailored to your needs. Try to find the answers to the following questions:

Who/Where can I go to ask questions?

What is the least amount of “stuff” I need?

How will this affect my budget?

Do I have the time to do this right?

Can I do this alone or do I need help?

How will this affect my family?

As I said, take your time when answering these questions and be totally honest. There are so many good resources out their to help. Look on the web for a start and be specific with what you’re searching for. Talk to your friends, maybe they know other people for you to talk to if you don’t want to talk to them. Go to the local running or bike shop and tell them your new to this. Don’t buy anything while you’re there though, even if you do have plenty of expendable income. Just start asking questions.

Third, once you have completely made up your mind on something, sign up for whatever event it is that you want to do or may relate to your goal. This is where that whole “put your money where your mouth is” saying comes into play. Now, hopefully after steps one and two you have an idea of what event will be best and still not shooting for the stars, but you never know. Somebody that has never done anything endurance related before may still be able to complete a triathlon or run a marathon, but it’s still very individual. Maybe you don’t just want to finish, but you want to break a certain time or place 1st in your age group. Whatever the goal, pick an event that will challenge you, but also plays to your strengths. Be sure to read into the extra stuff like insurance, sponsorship, schwag, no traffic, early registration discounts, fully supported, course maps, etc.

So, there you have it. Three very simple steps to getting started on your way to achieving your fitness related goal/resolution. Also, these steps are not set in stone. They can be very flexible. It all depends on your personality and attitude. Play around with these and modify them to better meet your needs and requirements. The next article will build on this and go into training, coaching, gear, etc., but this is where it all starts. So, what are you gonna do this year?


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