Now That was an Interview….Part 1 Anyway….

So, Lance admits to Oprah and the public that he doped for years using EPO, HGH, testosterone, and blood transfusions. Done. Now we can move on to what’s most important, because let’s face a reality. Lance will still be Lance. He just may be a little different. No matter what happens from here on out, he will still be the face of cycling in the United States. It’s not a very well known sport here, but Lance was our guy for 15 years. People will say no, but also be unable to name an American that hasn’t admitted either publicly, under oath, or in sealed deposition that doped. Sure, Greg LeMond can be considered the last and only American hero left in cycling, but people still think he’s french because of his last name. Ok, back to my point. Lance provided something very important in his interview, he provided time. Oprah consistently brought up questions that Lance was able to use the phrase, “It’s very difficult to answer that without using names. I’m not here to name names, I am the one at fault.” (Well, it went something along those lines.) So, again, what did Lance do? He gave all of those people that could have easily been named while answering those questions time. They now have some control over how they approach their own impending implosion. There’s no need for a he said/she said argument based on what Lance stated. I really don’t see Tyler Hamilton or Floyd Landis or ever Christian Van de Velde disputing Lance’s remarks last night, because they all doped. They’re all guilty in one way or another, but what about those that have kept quiet about their guilt? They now have some time to come clean. We’ll see if I’m right in the coming months leading up to the 2013 racing season. Hopefully the beautiful and brutal sport of endurance cycling can take a solemn moment and hit the reset button.


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