Lance Interview Part 2.

So, the interview Oprah did was split in two with Lance’s career being part 1 and his personal life being part 2. As you can imagine, part 2 was shorter and much more confusing. Admitting was the easy part and Lance almost seemed proud to come forward with what he chose to, but the personal questions that were brought up caused Lance to squirm a little. Those questions were not yes or no, so there’s explaining to do. Those of you that watched the interview know he didn’t want to go into much detail about anything. Some people blame Oprah for not pressing the issue along some lines of questioning. What those people don’t understand is that Oprah was having an interview with a man that’s very well known around the world and who participated in a sport that is NOT very well know in the USA. Let’s face it, most people that were going to watch this interview were going to be American with access to Oprah’s OWN television station, and not international audiences well versed in the word of cycling. I think her line of questioning was good for what this interview was. It was a way for Lance to say what he wanted to say by being questioned from a very well known and intelligent television host. It was not a form of apology.

I was not very interested in what he had to say about his kids or those he screwed over during his years as a professional rider. I was very interested in his answer towards if he should be allowed to race again. Yes. Yes is my answer. People may think that I have lost my mind, but I will always think of Lance as bringing more positives to the world, and to me, then negatives. He got me interested in watching cycling, then cycling myself, then multi-sport, and so on. He never hurt me, he never lied to me, and he doesn’t owe me anything. My view is skewed because I am a triathlete and not a cyclist, but cycling might not have been able to make its gains in the enthusiast and professional world without Lance. Especially in the United States. The US is the one major market where bike sales are up, but cycling attendance and viewership is not. I don’t care if Lance loses every dime to his name. Ban him for a few years, but let the man toe the line. He’s at the tail end of his career to compete in any professional sport really, but I would pay $150 to line up next to Mr. Armstrong and have him kick my but in the water, on the bike, and on the run because he truly is an amazing athlete. 


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