Endurance Sports Expo

So, this past weekend was the 3rd annual Endurance Sports Expo in Philadelphia, PA. It’s the largest expo of its kind on the East Coast. Inside you’ll find vendors, race directors, coaches, professional athletes, Q & A’s, Forums, and the latest gear and nutrition for the endurance enthusiast. I love it. It’s a great place to preview upcoming races, buy gear cheap, try stuff out, and walk away with a bag full of swag. This year I walked away with a blueseventy speed suit, some tech tees, a few race discounts, and some better knowledge in regards to training and racing. I love testing out training and recovery stuff. This year I got to talk to the owners of Endless Pools which are made right outside Philly. They had one of their units with an underwater treadmill inside to tryout. I wish I had remembered to pack my suit. I got to talk with people from Sugoi, which is my favorite racing and training clothing company. That’s where I got the speedsuit from with a sweet deal. My favorite part of the day was being able to sit down at the Recovery PumpImage table and relax. These boots compress air in five different chambers around your legs at specific intervals and pressures. I got to keep them on for 20mins which was perfect after last week’s workouts. I only wish there was more than just this one expo every year to check out all the goodies. Anyway, if you have the ability to go to this or any expo for endurance sports, check it out. You’ll learn a lot and get some great stuff.


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