Quick Tip #7 – Race Planning


This can be a huge post all on its own, but I’ll make this easy. Every race needs to be given a grade. (A,B,C,D, and F) Think back to school. What classes did you just need to pass, what came easy, and what did you put effort into? Classify your races the same way. Which race or races this year do you have the most passion for? They should be considered “A’s”. What race or races are you doing out of necessity for gauging fitness of your current season or year over year progress? The latter should be a “B” race and the other a “C” race. What race or races do you consider a part of training or maybe a warmup for a bigger race? They should be “D’s”. Lastly, of those races you want to fit into your calendar, which ones are you forcing into your schedule or forcing yourself to do? That’s an “F” race and should be dropped. It’s gonna do more harm than good. Ya see, that’s not too hard now is it?


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