Quick Tip #8 – Spring Clothing

So, Spring is upon us here in the Mid-Atlantic and that usually means one day could be rainy 40 degree F, the next sunny and 65, and then snow/sleet at 35 degrees. This makes prepping for a ride or run quite annoying. (That’s why you should have rollers, a trainer, or access to a treadmill/rower.) So, what if you wake up one March morning and it’s totally sunny out without a cloud in the sky and you feel great? First, look at your computer or smart phone and see what it might* end up like. If you’re going for a quick ride or run, just dress for the temp at hand, but if you’re going for a multi hour training session or race, things can get complicated. I always suggest having the following pieces of clothing that you easily take off or put on, and won’t weigh you down:

1.) Packable wind/rain jacket with removable sleeves – This was you can go out in any weather with a short sleeve jersey/shirt and be able to rip this off if too hot or just wear as a vest. 

2.) Tights – Yes, yes, yes……I know it’s bad enough as a guy to wear these, but you’ll be glad you have ’em if the weather starts frigid but then lightens up. 

3.) Skull Cap/Bandana – Easy to throw on under a hat or helmet.

4.) Plastic baggy – Helps keep things dry. Duh.

5.) A light – Drivers are bad enough in rainy conditions that they set off in, but we all know people in Jersey drive even worse in a sudden down pour.

6.) A route with plenty of cover, drainage, and pull off points – It’s never good to be out in a bad storm or on a road in the blazing heat with no shade. 


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