ITU San Diego – Day 1

So, this will be brief b/c of time and connection at the hotel is iffy. Sorry for being away for so long, but it’s been quite busy between school, new job, lawn, and Liz’s birthday. I’ll talk about my job in another post, so now about ITU San Diego.

About 2 months ago I was given free entry to ITU San Diego. At first I was not going to do it, but as time grew, I couldn’t pass up the chance of a lifetime. I get to race the same course in the same format at the best in the world! To give perspective, imagine being invited to race against Michael Phelps. You know you’re going to lose, but why wouldn’t you just be in the same pool at the same time with the best in the whole world. (Hopefully I don’t lose too badly.) Back to the story. I got my entrance from Chain Reaction, and if I do well, I may qualify for London! I just have to pay my way there. San Diego is not local for this Jersey boy, so onto the Internet at the last second I went. DON’T do this. My cost for this trip is climbing higher every day. Just get on planning it out quicker.

I flew out yesterday morning which gives me two days to get myself and everything together without stressing. The flight was just all around sucky. Gates were so far apart at Dulles for my transfer, and then the plane was late. I wound up realizing that I totally forgot to download anything to watch or read onto the iPad and there was no wifi in flight, so I had to rely on my phone for everything. Then, I had to sit next to four drunken lesbians on the plane to San Diego. Shoot me. It was like flying with the cast of Jersey Shore. Just louder and all ugly girls. (If they were hot lesbians, I might have given them a break.) Couple that with the turbulence and flying around a storm that took up the whole Midwest, I landed very unhappy.

I felt better once I was in my hotel room, but this is not Sea World. I have strip clubs, car mechanics, and a Denny’s. First thing, unpack clothes and change to go to the expo. Then, hide the bike bag in the bathroom chained to the toilet. Weather here is great. I mean ridiculously great. The race is at Mission Bay/Beach and it is as pro as somebody like me can ever get. I grabbed beer and lunch and made my rounds. Side note, everything here is about beer and pizza joints. It’s like being at Seaside Heights…again, Jersey Shore! The expo had everything but the pros. That comes today. Lots of goodies and awesomeness everywhere. I wound up sinking two cups in a row at the TriRock booth, with a crosswind, and won an aero helmet! I also got my race packet and a few odds and ends. The course is beautiful and laid out great. Everybody seems concerned about the swim, but it’s hot out with cool water. Deal. The water is only in the 60’s, ummmmm…..I’m from New Jersey. It snowed not too long ago, so don’t bitch about your water temp. They’re called wetsuits and you can rent one.

Once I got back home I decided to get my bike together. Now I don’t fly with my bike ever, so I borrowed a good bag from work and dealt with the fees. Better safe than sorry. I disassembled, wrapped, and packed this thing like fine china. What does the TSA do? They tore everything apart and didn’t quite put it back together. I have spacers, screws, and washers missing all over the place. Next time, I’ll ship it through Raceday or UPS. At least I prepped for this and there’s a bike shop down the street.

After the bike was done, I got some Panda Express and a six pack of Fat Tire from 7 Eleven, awesome right, and watched some TopGear before bed. That’s a long ass day with very little rest, so tonight is what matters sleep wise. I have to thank my awesome Fiancé for letting me do all of this without her, and I must admit it would be better if she were here. Love you Liz!

Time to start day 2!


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