Quick Tip #11 – iPhone for training and racing

The iPhone is a great tool, but like anything else, it can also get in the way. Make sure you read reviews on different apps that can help with your training and racing. No matter which one you choose, take the time to set it up exactly as you need it. I prefer Cyclemeter, but to each his/her own. After that, make sure you have all the necessary extras to keep your iPhone safe and usable. Now, most computers and watches work off a wireless protocol called ANT+. The iPhone uses a new wireless signal called Bluetooth Smart. I have the Lifeproof case, Jaybird BlueBud X’s, Wahoo Speed/Cadence sensor, Wahoo RFLKT, Polar H7 heart rate monitor, and the Nike iPod arm sleeve. I chose these accessories b/c of how good they are and the companies themselves really stand by their products. With this setup, I can use my iPhone for an entire race, but you have to practice, There are some downsides. The Lifeproof case can fog up under humid conditions, you have to carry the phone with you through every event (it’s not light), and you may not have enough battery depending on the event. On the plus side, it’s still the best all around computer. I’m waiting for the new TomTom watch which will also work in the BluetoothSmart World.


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