Le Tour, Beer, and Bikes – An Obsession

So, Liz and I are cycling tour geeks. Actually, we’re more like fans. We may not know everything about the teams and individual riders, but we love experiencing the competition. So much so that we’re trying to figure out a way to see a late stage of next year’s tour during our honeymoon. Speaking of honeymoon, we’re getting closer to putting together a northern european brewery tour. Between breweries we want to see random things..like Brugges. (Liz thinks In Brugges is the most hysterical movie.) 

As for this year’s tour, Froome is either not human or on the most amazing vitamins EVER. I do feel bad for all of the sprinters b/c this year was made for destroying the very best of climbers and teams. I still love Cav though. He’s been hysterical on his tweets.

Beer. Oh how we love beer. Especially good beer. Yesterday Liz and I visited the tasting room of Flying Fish Brewery. It’s a soft opening on the hottest day of the year so far, but it was awesome to get a personalized tour and a tasting. The manager of the tasting room is a cool guy who used to work for P.F. Chang’s on the west coast. Too funny. This actually relates to cycling b/c of how close the brewery is AND b/c we have their cycling jersey. One day I’ll get Liz to come with me through the back roads. 

Bikes, bikes, and more bikes. So, in the last couple weeks I have sold a Cannondale Synapse for profit, bought a Scott Team CX for cheap, and traded my Cervelo Soloist for a Fuji SL, which I will then sell for a profit. Ha! So, the Scott is my first experience of having a cross bike, and I like it. It’s  the perfect blend of training, comfort, and fun. I can’t wait to totally suck at my first cross race this year. We’ll see how long it will be until I get it upgraded. Who am I kidding, I already have parts on the way!


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