Quick Tip #15 – When You Shouldn’t Ride

So, how do you know when, where, why, and how to bag a ride or run outside? This is really going to be different for everybody, but for me it goes like this:

When – Make your mind up early. The more time you think about it, the more time you waste. You could’ve done an indoor workout, a run, or something else as you deliberated on getting outside.

Where – Decide while you’re still home. Too many time I see people get all ready to rock and roll, drive up to an hour to a spot, and only then find out the trail is closed or the route in mind just can’t be done.

Why – There are plenty of bad reasons to not get outside, and very few good reasons. Weather is usually the bad guy, but not necessarily the real reason. You can always dress for weather or change up the type of workout depending on rain, sleet, snow, etc. A few good reasons to stay indoors include: sick, injury, recovery day, chores, homework, or you really just aren’t feeling it.

How – Always try to lay out your clothes and whatever else you need either the night before or early in the morning. This not only saves time, but it allows you to quickly adapt to a change. During the winter I keep my bike inside on the trainer and lay my clothes on it the night before. If I decide to not go out, I am at least ready to work indoors.

So, I hope this helps, but here is another reason. If you live in the Mid-Atlantic region of the US, you’ve had a lot of snow and ice and freezing temps for the last 2 1/2 months, but this past weekend temps were in the 50’s and 60’s. Just keep in mind that there hasn’t been enough thaw for roads to be cleaned and patched up properly, so the amount and size of potholes on all roads can very easily cause an accident. E.g. I went over my handlebars this morning and my neck feels better, but my back does not.


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