About Me

My name is Joseph Brescia and this site is a place for me to write down my thoughts on everything from triathlon to beer. The intent of this page is to provide a little guidance into making the best decisions for your training and racing needs. I’ve made plenty of rookie mistakes, but I’ve learned a lot from them. I currently work at Danzeisen and Quigley a multisport shop located in Cherry Hill, NJ. I’m not a certified coach or professional athlete, but I am very active in the endurance community, I’m a podium finishing age grouper, and I’m a member of Team Wheaties, so I do have some insights given my background. I stay up to date on gear, training, and nutrition from websites, podcasts, and magazines alike. I also attend most endurance expos and seminars in the tri-state area. As far as racing goes, I will compete in 8-10 events a year ranging from Triathlons to obstacle races.

Personally, I am attending The College of New Jersey for my Engineering and Technology Education degrees, I’m engaged to be married in the summer of 2014, and I have an appreciation for cars, micro-brews, and soccer. My fiancé and I are season ticket holders for the Philadelphia Union and love watching the USMNT and Manchester City.



2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hey! Found your blog off of SKORA’s page on facebook. I really like it! I want to get into doing triathlons, I mainly run, so hopefully your blog will inspire me to start that this year!

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