Here are some resources to get the info you need to become a better YOU!


Ben Greenfield Fitness – Great information on all things training, racing, gear, and nutrition.

Endurance Planet – Awesome site for endurance sports related advice.

TrainingPeaks – Best online training and recording tool. Also has computer application and mobile app. (Requires account)

Slowtwitch – Great site about all things Triathlon.

DC Rainmaker – The best site for reviews on all those fancy gadgets for endurance athletes

Beginner Triathlete – Good place to start to get information from like minded beginners.

USAT – Home page of the USA Triathlon organization. Track your points and qualify for Nationals.

Swim Smooth – Learn about your swim style and how to make it better. (Subscription based)

MapMyRide – Track your rides, share routes, and make friends. (Requires account)

Crossfit – Get the Workout Of the Day or WOD and information on exercises, classes, gyms, etc.

Crossfit Endurance – Blends Crossfit and endurance training.

Google Maps – Perfect for mapping out runs, bike rides, and hikes. You can export the route to many apps.


The Age Grouper – Two guys talking about training and racing as Age Groupers

Sports Tech Podcast – What’s new in technology when it comes to sport?

Semi-Pro Cycling Podcast – British amateur podcast on quick tips to help you.

Bicycle – Very funny and informative podcast about all things cycling

The FredCast – Get all the information on what’s happening in the world of cycling from a Fred

The Spokesmen – A roundtable discussion by experts and pros on the latest topics in cycling

cycling 360 – Expert advice on training, racing, and fit for cycling, triathlon and duathlon

EUROSPORT Cycling Podcast – Keep up to date on what’s happening in the pro peloton and Britain

Ben Greenfield Fitness – Become super human by following Ben’s expert advice and interviews. He’ll answer your questions!

Endurance Planet – Tawny, Lucho, and Ben give advice on being a better endurance athlete

Get-Fit Guy (Quick and Dirty Tips) – 5min tips on improving fitness

training bible coaching – Learn from two training bible coaches on how to reach success in training and racing triathlons

Velocast Tech5 – Keep up to date on what’s new in cycling tech


TrainingPeaks – Quickly make training log entries (Free, but requires free TrainingPeaks account)

WahooFitness – Simple workout app with BluetoothSmart integration for iPhones 4s/5 and upload function (Free, but sensors are extra)

Cyclemeter – Simply the best and most configurable app available ($4.99)

Tabata Timer – Easy to use Tabata sets timer (Free)

Simply Yoga – 3 quick and easy Yoga routines with video and instruction (Free)

Tri Checklist Pro – Easy to use and configurable race checklist ($.99)

iCross WOD – Gives WOD details from website (Free, but sometimes a day behind)

Stress Check – Uses the flash and camera of an iPhone to track stress (Free)

SweetBeat – Keep track of your Heart Rate Variability or HRV ($4.99 and requires heart rate strap)

SleepStream 2 – Great for white noise and binaural beats and isochromatic tones ($4.99 plus extra sound/tone purchases within app)

Strava – Allows you to track running/biking routes/information and ability to challenge others (Free, but requires free Strava account)

MapMyRide – Awesome mapping and training application (Free, but requires free MapMyRide account)

vTrainer – Great indoor virtual training software for Mac and PC (Monthly subscription)

Find Craft Beer – Perfect for finding good beer no matter where you are ($.99)

Untapped – Keep track of what you’ve drank and earn awards (Free, but requires Untapped account)

HappyHoured – Find the local specials (Free)


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