Quick Tip #16 – Time to Buy

With it being March, daylight is going to last longer, temps are gonna get warmer, and you’ll be getting outside. What are you going outside with though? Is it time to replace those ratty old shoes? Is it worth it to spend $100 on a bike tune-up and another $100 on a fit? Sometimes it’s just better to move on and upgrade. As Barney says, “New is always better.” Well, newer anyway. Most stores are going through a clear out of last year’s stuff, so you might find yourself some good deals before the 2014 season officially starts. Besides, what else is better than a shiny new bike to get your butt outside. 


Quick Tip #13 – Snow Days

If you’re like me and live in South Jersey, you know we’ve had more snow than the Winter Olympics for the second time running. Because of all this, you need to always have a back up plan for training. This is a perfect time to take up some Yoga, get an indoor trainer, a treadmill, rowing machine, or a Nordic Track. If you’re watching the Olympics on TV, cheer on your country while working out. Better yet, catch up on that TV show with Netflix or Hulu. Even when you’re stuck indoors, you can still get in a great workout.

Quick Tip #9 – Transitions

Transitions are the least practiced or thought about part of triathlons. Many consider T1 and T2 as the fourth discipline. (You can argue there are a total of five including the swim, bike, run, transition, and nutrition.) Practice your transitions once a week in the month leading up to your first race. You should be doing a speed block anyway, so this might fit in nicely for your weekly brick workouts. This alone may give you more free time/speed than $2000 wheels.